2010 Sauvignon Blanc bottle shot  

2011 Zinhead
Luscious and seductive, this is a classic Zinfandel.

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Patio outside the Heritage Oak tasting room.   Heritage Oak owners, Tom and Carmela Hoffman, are proud of their ancestry and their ties to a piece of land that has been in Tom's family for five generations.  This pride is seen in the quality of the grapes that are harvested from their vineyards in Lodi, California each fall and the rich, smooth textured wines that are made from them.

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Tom's grandmother Ethel Vera Jack  

Heritage Oak Winery stands on land that has been worked and lived upon by Tom Hoffman's family for nearly 150 years. In the 1860's, Tom's great-great-grandfather, James Christian, (born 1827), homesteaded a 400 acre farm along the Mokelumne River near Lockeford, California.

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      Tom and Carmela taking a stroll through the vineyards.  

One of the unique aspects of Heritage Oak Winery is that our customers are always invited to enjoy this beautiful piece of land we live on.  To make this possible we have developed a hiking trail down to a secluded beach along the Mokelumne River where you can enjoy a quiet picnic.

NEW! Complete picnic for two...click here for more details.

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Friends and Events at Heritage Oak

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