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2021 SpringWine Club Release


As 2021 rolls out, I'm looking for a sense of normalcy in the world around me. I want to know that predictable things are happening in the fashion I expect them to. I want the seasons to move forward without drama or distractions. So far, this year, I'm not disappointed. One of the first signs of spring around here is green leaves on the California Buckeye down along the bluff, and they leafed out in January right on schedule.  The tree swallows showed up on time in early February and I'm expecting to see Northern Orioles at my feeder any day now. And out in the vineyard, we have bud break in Chardonnay.  Things are off to a wonderfully boring start with no new pandemics looming on the horizon.

Here at the winery, we have pulled our collective palates together and picked three wines for you to try: two blends and an outstanding stand alone Barbera. Remember, you are free to choose something else if these don't appeal to you.

2018 Barbera

This is a brand new wine we have just brought out for this club release. Modesty aside, I believe this is one of the best Barbera wines I've ever made, and I heartily recommend leaving this wine in the mix even if you switch out the others. It is densely colored and in the glass gives off a fragrance of fruit with a touch of oak.  In the mouth, it has a weighty texture, bursting with lively red fruit flavors of cherries and raspberries. I expect this wine to age beautifully, softening but enriching over time.

2018 Triolo

Our last presentation of this wine, which we refer to as our Italian blend, was two years ago.  If wine can be fun, this is it!  It is a blend of Sangiovese (50%) with equal parts of Barbera and Zinfandel. It has medium density of color, but is lively and well balanced on the palate with just a hint of tannin and a lasting finish.

2017 Carnivál (3+ bottle Clubs)

 This wine is a blend of Rhone varieties: Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache and Cinsaut. You'll find it to have good density of color with a slight fragrance suggesting ripe raspberries. It is a complex wine, with layers of flavor that roll across your palate as you take the wine in.


All three of these wines are the same price, depending on your club level discount.  We sell them all at the same $28 per bottle in the tasting room. Like always, I recommend you try your wine soon so you can take advantage of the discount window over the coming weeks. All extra bottles of these 3 recommendations will be 30% off through April 2021. 



Tom Hoffman


Wine description & write-up by owner/grower/winemaker Tom Hoffman​


Short Video with Tom discussing the wines: 



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